About Us

Miguel’s Latin Market has been a long tradition in Spring Hill since 2001. Long before Mariner Blvd. and Spring Hill Rd. became the major intersection it is today, Miguel’s had already claimed its spot in the minds of the local residents. We run a small grocery store, well stocked with a fresh meat counter, fresh produce, and many of the traditional grocery items of Latin and South America, and the Caribbean. It’s possible we are better known by some for our small café, serving up big, mouth-watering tastes of Latin America. We are loved by early commuters who, on their way to work, call ahead for a freshly brewed cup of authentic Cuban coffee, and by local businesses scheduling a special hot catered lunch for their office party. We are proud to serve the Spring Hill community with options that are as unique as they are.

Our Cafe:

For a morning or afternoon lift, our customers drop in for an authentic Cuban coffee, or a gourmet American coffee for under $2.00.  According to reviews by our customers and fans on social media, it is “the best coffee in town.”  If you’re on your way to work, grab a breakfast sandwich to go, or if you have some time, sit and chat with the locals.  At Miguel’s we want you to feel at home.

We have also made a name for ourselves with our outstanding pulled pork Cuban sandwich. This is a sandwich we believe surpasses any Cuban Sandwich in Ybor City or Miami, where generations of Cubans have made it a staple within the American community. Our Cuban sandwich starts with marinating the pork overnight in our secret marinade, then roasting it at a low temperature for hours. This pulled pork sandwich, not the lunch meat version, is what makes our Cuban sandwich so mouthwatering authentic.  Customize it with all the toppings you prefer, including signature pickles, condiments and cheese to make it your own.  All for less than you will spend at a specialty sandwich shop. We have it available all-day, every day.

Miguel’s Latin Market also offers full lunches.  It is a bit of a secret that we sell a full entree with two sides for less than $6.00. Our portions are generous enough to satisfy a very hungry person, or those with a normal appetite wanting some leftovers for dinner.  Our menu is a rotating one.  Each day we have two or three options of entrées.  Depending on the day of the week, our customers can choose from roasted pork, ropa vieja, deep-fried breaded fish, italian-style chicken, and many other traditional dishes. Just visit our weekly menuto find out when are we are serving your favorite dish, or venture into trying something new each day.  It’s all delicious! Believe us, if it was not selling, we would not be putting it out.  Even the chicken gizzards!

So at Miguel’s, you can have breakfast, lunch, and take dinner to go before we close at 7pm. Many customers also visit us throughout the day for our fresh-baked-in-house Cuban bread (baked at 7am., so get it while it lasts), as well as our always-fresh, always-hot empanadas and stuffed potato balls. We offer many sweet snacks too, such as guava and cheese pastries, and flan. All of these culinary surprises await you in a small corner within our little market.

Our Groceries:

Now, if what you need is ethnic groceries, hard-to-find ingredients for that recipe or the traditional staples in your pantry; look no further than Miguel’s. We work hard to stock many ingredients sought after in ethnic cuisines such as Cuban, Dominican, Colombian, Mexican, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, and Venezuelan. Little by little as the demographics in Spring Hill expand, we are also expanding our offerings to include more culturally specific items. We were even featured in Tampa Bay Times in 2015 for our wide variety of products. We love to hear when customers say that Miguel’s is the only place they can find a certain item, or that their mother, back in their homeland used a specific ingredient that they couldn’t find until finding Miguel’s.

Additionally, our most prized offering is our meat department. Here, we offer our customers the art of the old-fashioned neighborhood butcher. We still make custom cuts according to the desires of each client; stock hard to find items such as rabbit, goat, and oxtail; and fill special orders within three days for impossible to find cuts not offered at the big-chain-grocery stores. Miguel’s butchers are always ready to serve you, as well as guide you when you don’t know exactly what type of meat is best for what you want to prepare.

Our meats are so good, and so fresh, that it is not uncommon for customers to drive from 10 or 20 miles away to get our meats.  Because our premium meats are priced lower than at the franchise grocery stores, people prefer to make the drive to get quality and save money.  However, if you do not have the time, you can get your meat order delivered in the timeframe that is convenient for you (free delivery with minimum order). We offer 5 meat packages that are super popular, and can package your order in individual trays to fit your family’s needs in case you want to freeze portions.

We accept EBT and food stamps for all government-approved items, which include almost all grocery-items, meat, and even most packaged snacks and beverages. We accept all EBT cards from all states.  

Grocery Delivery:

Take advantage of our free-delivery service for all orders over $25.00, or place a smaller order and pay a small delivery fee.  We deliver anything to your door, from a gallon of milk, to a hot lunch, to  30 pounds of meat.  Just visit the order online section of our website and rest assured our van will be on its way shortly. You can pay online with your credit or debit card, or pay cash on delivery to the driver. If you prefer, you can also place your order over the phone and pick it up yourself at the store.

Our Invitation:

We want to become the place where you do your grocery shopping because of the prices we offer, but especially because of the friendly, welcoming atmosphere we provide.  We believe in treating people as people, and will always greet you with a smile and have a friendly chat if your time allows it.

We look forward to your visit, and hope you make Miguel’s Latin Market your regular stop for those hard to find ingredients, a hot meal, or a fresh cup of coffee.  We’ll see you soon!