General Manager
If you have ever visited Miguel’s, you have probably run into him. He is always ready to serve you, and his notably calm, pleasant demeanor is the perfect steady hand to manage the busyness and craziness of Miguel’s Latin Market.  Native of Venezuela, Roland is one of the most service-oriented, kind people you will ever meet. He is a family man, married for over a decade, proud father of two brilliant kids, one at UF, and one at the local High School. His day is a busy one with the day-to-day operations, including purchasing, managing employees, and making sure our customers are satisfied.  Miguel’s is privileged to have Roland at the helm of our store.  


Cafe Supervisor
Anabel is our longest-serving employee and has found a place in the hearts of many regular customers who visit for lunch. She is in charge of the lunch food station and cafe at the busiest times. Her amazing way of dealing with many customers at once, keeps them happy, even when there’s a line to wait in for the delicious, sought after lunch of the day. Mother of a handsome young boy, and married to a hard-working guy, Anabel is primed to continue growing within Miguel’s team. She has done extremely well since moving to Spring Hill from her birthplace in La Havana, Cuba, recently becoming a homeowner. Her ever-present smile is testimony that she enjoys serving you every day.


Although her full name is Lilia, she’s known in Spring Hill as Lili. Before becoming our full-time cook, responsible for delivering the amazing food our customers have come to expect and crave, Lili was an entrepreneur, owning and managing a successful catering business.  Now, she enjoys this “easy“ 40+ hours per week, well past her retirement years, not only to supplement her income, but because she has a genuine love for people and the kitchen.  She loves feeding hundreds of people each day with her signature Cuban dishes. She is also responsible for cooking our catering orders for the many weddings, birthdays and family gatherings we serve.  One of her specialties is Imperial Rice, which no one should pass up an opportunity to try.  Lili came from Cuba more than 30 years ago, along with her charming husband, to whom she has been married ever since.  They have three kids together.


Head Butcher
Julio is a smart and talented guy, who has put all of his experience and knowledge from previous careers into maximizing efficiency and productivity in our meat department. He has streamlined processes to ensure cleanliness and correct food handling at all points of the store. He loves to talk to people, while giving them the perfect cut of meat for their meal.  A fast-learner, Julio has rapidly become a valuable asset for Miguel’s. He has a love for sports and personal training, which he still finds time for even after working long hours at Miguel’s. A friendly, hardworking and ambitious guy, Julio has made our meat department a crown jewel to be proud of.


Kitchen Assistant
One of the hardest-working people you’ll ever meet. Born in the Dominican Republic, she has such a rhythm to her step that just watching her work, you will think she is dancing. Always listening to music and sometimes singing aloud, Belkis is a joy to be around. Extremely fast in the kitchen, she is the right hand for our lead cook, and is in charge of leaving the kitchen spotless after the craziness that happens when cooking for hundreds of people each day. It is such an honor for us to have customers and inspectors look at our kitchen and food prep areas, because it is always pristine. We thank Belkis for her hard work, we know it is sometimes undervalued.


One of the newest members of our team, Zuleyka quickly embrace the challenge of taking over the responsibilities previously held by our longest-tenured employee. Working at Miguel’s, each team member wears many hats, and saying Zuleyka is a cashier is an understatement, because she does so much more than that. We appreciate her versatility, friendly customer service, and team-oriented initiatives. A proud mother and head of household, Zuleyka is hard-working, and determined. A native of Puerto Rico, she hits it off with many customers due to her grace and shared background.


Storewide Merchandiser
What an incredible human being. When she first started working at Miguel’s she knew little about the grocery store business, so she decided to volunteer, working for free in order to learn the trade and earn a place on our team. She quickly got the attention of the store manager for her ability to learn on the go, and her great disposition. She is now in charge of multiple tasks around the store, including baking bread, stocking shelves, rotating merchandise and assisting in the cafeteria and register when needed. Her ability to be so flexible has made her a very valuable team member capable of filling in for any co-worker at moment’s notice. She made the decision to leave her beloved Venezuela and is taking on the challenge of the American dream one step at a time.

Miguel & Nicole

Marketing, Accounting, and Owners
This young entrepreneur couple is responsible for keeping the company financially sound, and promoting Miguel’s in Spring Hill, Brooksville and the surrounding areas. Miguel, Colombian born, and Nicole, a U.S. native, round out this small Latin market’s team represented by six countries.  Such diversity has been key to maintaining a thriving business where people from all backgrounds can enjoy the Miguel’s shopping experience.
Miguel has always had a passion for growing businesses and bought his first company at age 22, just out of USF business school.  Coupled with Nicole’s passion for culture and diversity, they envision Miguel’s as a cultural experience, a place where every local family shops for those fun and different ingredients, and where friends gather for a cup of coffee or a quick bite in the mornings or afternoons. With new offerings such as free-grocery delivery, lunch delivered to your home or office, and a perfect mix between big store prices and small market friendliness and service, Miguel and Nicole hope to grow Miguel’s into a landmark in Spring Hill and beyond.